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Is Now The Time To Go Dark On Social?

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

During the era of quarantining and self-isolation, many Americans find themselves spending more time in-doors and hanging around the house than ever before. It may come as no surprise that while people are forced to stay at home, we are experiencing an all-time high in internet usage. Research shows that Americans are spending as much as 60% more time online per week and, of course, greatly increasing their overall screen time in part. As the internet continues to creak at the seams from the vast up-tick in time spent online, you may be wondering where specifically are all of the eyes going? The answer lies in a multitude of platforms ranging from streaming sources like Netflix and Disney+, to gaming networks for online games, and of course, to the endless scrolling feeds of the many social media platforms we all know and love.

· Internet usage continues to climb and is up as much as 60% already

· Screen time has significantly risen for the majority of Americans

· 66% of consumers expect to increase their social media usage during isolation

Many have turned to social platforms like Twitter for news and updates as our global pandemic continues to progress, while others have chosen to turn to platforms like Facebook and Instagram to enjoy the company of friends and family. Although the circumstances aren’t ideal, our situation has given rise to an opportunity in terms of generating awareness for your business and your brand. There are a number of ways you can properly execute on a solid digital marketing strategy by utilizing social media platforms to your advantage:

· Create meaningful and engaging posts for your audience

· Ask questions to find out what your consumers are looking for at a time like this

· Provide value to the people in the community you care about and serve

While we all may be stuck inside and a little bummed-out, let’s take the spare time this circumstance has allowed us and make the most of it by engaging audiences far and wide by being where the eyes are.

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